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Get ready Seattle, you’re the next New York. Crime skyrocketing, gangs running the street using mafia tactics for protection, people and police leaving in droves. Good luck

Don’t overlook the fact that the SCC are radicals who were VOTED IN by the peope of Seattle. None of the SCC members hid their agendas. The voters knew exactly what their ideas and plans were. This action should come as no surprise whatsoever. And, some of these lunatics will be re-elected, mark my words. THE most radical of the group is socialist Ksham Sawant who mixes no words about her disdain for the police. She’s now in her 3rd term. So, just as you get what you pay for, you also get and deserve what you vote for.

Guess I won’t be back. Was hoping to do a cruise from Seattle next year, but I’m done with cities that defund their police departments.

Seattle, San Francisco Portland, New York City, Detroit, and so many more – all were once beautiful cities. It is so sad to see them descend into the cesspools they have become. Have visited all of them but never again.

Good luck Seattle! I feel so sad for many of the law abiding residents.

To the police officers in Seattle know that throughout your city, state, and nation there are millions of people who disagree with this and who support you. To the citizens of Seattle please vote these idiots out during your local elections.

All Seattle police officers who are eligible for retirement should begin the process now, and all other officers should leave for other departments elsewhere in the country.

I hope they all quit, walk out, and leave the city with no police force. Tomorrow!

Law abiding citizens should leave Seattle as soon as possible. Escape while you still can

When they were running for office to be elected to city council they were in support of having MORE police hired and praised our Seattle police dept about being one of the best ! How things have changed ! Pandering to the mob !

I used to visit Seattle 2-3 times each year (Comicon, NCCE, and to visit family) but I won’t set foot in it ever again. I’m on the east side (red side) of the state. I would like to invite Seattle cops to come this way. Our businesses and citizens appreciate their service and protection.

Don’t look to the federal government to save your butts when your city is trashed. Law abiding citizens business owners will leave and who is going to pay for all your mayhem. People aren’t going to feel safe visiting your state so tourism will decline. No bailouts for you. Get what you ask for

I bet that will never happen in Texas. If that did we Texans will take it in our own hands.

Won’t it be difficult for all their citizens to find another city to move to where there’s a job for them. Their property value is completely shot. Bless them– they’re really up the proverbial creek.

Then don’t expect help from Washington! No money should be paid for stupidity!

The city council will be sorry for this. When they have to deal with crimes against them, i hope they don’t expect help from any police officers. Karma is going to be a B!%×@!

This is being done to ramp up violence so they can pass gun laws that take guns away from law abiding citizens! That’s it folks!

Property values are plummeting in these Democrat strongholds. Hopefully we will see the biggest political win in U.S. history and throw Democrats out of office!

The people of Seattle need to remind these « Public Servants » that they are « Hired Hands ». Their jobs are to SERVE and protect the people.

Time for these heros to move to another city that appreciates them.

Walk away police officers. Good people move out! Politicians must stay in the court houae while the rioters come in!! And for the love Of GOD no government assistance. Let’s see how they react when thier lives are at risk!!!

Seattle’s residents will soon find out just how far the « zone » can spread with no police interference.

Citizens of Seattle, if this is what you want, well you should be pleased. If not, you better speak up now before it’s too late. So sad!!

Under no circumstances should the federal government bail this city out when it crashes and burns.
Hopefully the blue flu doesn’t spread to Seattle.
Our Sheriff’s Department is looking for new officers maybe they should advertise in Seattle. They mig… See More

Yep! The Seattle BLM CHAZ CHOP Liberaltown wanted to show off their IQ to the World, so during this months’ long siege of mayhem and destruction, they voted to DEFUND the POLICE. ENJOY!

I hope they realize that those people who make it their job to break the law are not going to change their behavior simply because the city has changed the methods of law enforcement. City government is handing anyone who wants something that doesn’t b… See More

So sad for the residents that live there! Market News have family there and this is not the view of the people! Time to recall the City Council!

The people in Seattle have lost their collective minds

These people are going to experience real chaos. Once that chaos flows into suburban Seattle on a regular basis their opinions will change. Democratic cities are going to fall. Trump will be re-elected and we will go from there

It seems like they need more cops. Democrats don’t care about anything but keeping their livelihoods. Defund politicians and bring back law and order.

And so it begins. Total lawlessness. Seattle will be gone in 90 days after this is implemented. The liberals have absolutely lost their minds. Follow the money and the “Councils” bank accounts and you will eventually find some association to George Soros.

Absolute idiocy but hey, says much about Seattle folks. If they voted for these idiots, they deserve what they get. Forget about the businesses staying around for long.

This is so wrong and so very Sad for the decent people of Seattle. HOW on Earth could Anyone think this is a Good Idea? A city Can NOT Survive without Law and Oder. Anyone with Half a brain should be able to understand that. Sure some officers aren… See More

Sounds like these cities need a good case of the blue flu, and let the mayor and council go down and deal with the “peaceful” protestors.

All these honorable law-enforcement officers spend their entire careers protecting the community, just to have the community turn their back on them. It’s disgusting and despicable.

Unbelievable . How stupid can this corrupt city council be to do this. Who in their right mind would live there.

Seattle City Council are a bunch of idiots! Get Market Local News USA for masses of people moving out of a city where there are no police! How are you going to provide city services when there is no tax revenue coming in because so many people have moved out! This is the end of Seattle! Can’t fix stupid, but it can be voted out! .

Everyone should pack up and move. Then let the city move and make an example of Seattle. Every police officer should quit, and stop taking all the abuse from the democrats. Someone has to start standing up against all the lawlessness in this country, or it’s all going to hell.

All Seattle Law Enforcement are in my thoughts and prayers as well as the good law abiding people of Seattle. You have no clue the danger and stress heaped upon Law Enforcement Officers unless you’ve walked in those shoes! I did for 34 years. Ladies and Gentleman you’ve served your communities well under extraordinary circumstances, but it’s time to think of your families, your wives and children and yourselves! It’s time to leave Seattle, fund a job elsewhere where you will be appreciated! You have my utmost respect! Let the City Counsel and Mayor have the chaos they desire but not at your personal safety and lives! God Bless You All my Brothers!

Can’t understand why the people of Seattle aren’t up in arms. Why aren’t they marching on city hall demanding these elected idiot resign? People of Seattle, is this what you want? Take back your city from the incompetent mayor and his city council. Now, before you lose it forever.

Well between Portland, Seattle, New York, and Chicago – all run by liberals- I guess we’ll see how intelligent voters are about protecting their families and businesses or not protecting their families and businesses. This way we can tell We should feel sorry for those cities or not.

This is leading us into what has happened in many places in the rest of the world. Businesses will be paying only for their private security forces and no taxation or support for any public police protection for the average middle class.

I’m sure there will be plenty of cities run by competent Republicans who will be pleased to employ the best of the Seattle police officers to bolster their own protection for their citizens against this growing democrat madness that is encouraging and supporting violent anarchy and crime.

This City Council is without a doubt a political socialistic group. The Americans have been paying taxes most of their lives. Those taxes include Police , Fire and public school services. Citizens are being cheated and it is time for these cities under siege to start asking for their money back or leave the area and kill the tax base. God Bless the good citizens of Portland, Seattle, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago who are being taking advantage of and not receiving proper government protection. If America does not stand up against this law enforcement take down and don’t get out and vote in person, the Democrats will turn America into Communist China and take our freedoms away. Please pray to God for Peace.

What is happening across our nation. This anarchy across our cities is insanity so lets increase the insanity by continuing to defund police. Lunacy!

If you are the police personnel and you are nearing a large retirement, walk away from what your leadership is about to do to you and your families. Let Seattle become a ghost town with no one there but killers and lawless people have it.

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